Highlights of Mount Calvary’s History


1900—Founding Members: Deacon Elbert Williams, P. K. Hezekiah, Miles Curtis, Richard Shivers, Lucius Ousley and Daniel Hogan. The families of these brethren joined them.


Rev. Sam Alexander, Sr. First Pastor; Sis. Catherine Shiver envisioned the name Mount Calvary.


Pastors who served: Rev. Sam Alexander, Jr., Rev. Jackson, Rev. Ousley, Rev. J. T. Saunders, Rev. Love Anderson, Rev. J.H. Baines, Rev. S. C. Coachman, Rev. E. D. Mitchell, Rev. E. B. Moore, Rev. L. D. Kitchen, Rev. J. D. Crawford, Rev. W.H. Byrd, Jr., Rev. Walter Gardner, Jr., Rev. M.J. Robinson, Rev. Billy Mitchell, Pastor David A. Adams(present)


Deacons who served: : Elbert Williams, S. M. Randolph, Miles Curtis, Richard Shivers, Tom Michael, Lucius Ousley, David Smith, Joe Moyer, Frank Hines, Dave White, P. K. Hezekiah, Earl Carter, Oliver Mitchell, John L. Hezekiah, John Shivers, W. A. Saliard, Arthur Plowdon, __ Guyton, Andrew Crawford, Will Avery, Johnnie Hines, Sam Norwood, M.C. Gordon, Henry Acree, H. B. Hezekiah (present), and John W. Hezekiah (present)


Secretaries who served: Sis. Catherine Sanders, Sis. Daisy Shivers, Sis. Grace Love, Sis. Annie J. Pearson, Sis. Sally Roberts, Sis. Kathleen Gordon. Sis. Helen Thornton and Sis. Barbara Werts,


1914-- Old building torn down and new building erected.


The church was covered with a metal roof, concrete steps and walk were built and the Baptistery was installed or built.


1949-- Ladies and Men’s restrooms, pulpit furniture, beautiful carpets, an organ and modern electric fixtures. The adjacent property was purchased.


l964--The educational building was erected but not completed.


l968-the church was completely renovated and painted. The ladies’ lounge was furnished. The rugs and table lamps were donated by members. Young People’s League organized.


1972-- The educational building was wired and a small amount of additional work was done to the building.


1973--The educational building was completed and furnished. New communion and collection tables were purchased along with a new potom.


1976-- a church bulletin was erected outside the church. Central heat and air was installed in the church. A new stove for the educational building was purchased and a vestibule was added to the church.


1981--The Y.W.A. was reorganized and Young People’ Bible Study was instituted. During his pastorate new pews, new carpet for the church, an organ and a P.A. system was purchased. The parking lot was paved. Central air and heat was installed in the educational building.


1991-- Adult Bible Class was started. New kitchen cabinets were installed in the kitchen, a pool was built inside the church, a handicap ramp was erected on the outside of the church and the adjacent property to the educational building was purchased.


1996-- Enlarged and completely renovated the educational building.


2003—purchased land at corner of East Force St. and East Lee Street, A third Worship Sunday added; lot at Force and Lee paved and lined for parking. Sunday Radio ministry started, New Members and Leadership Classes held. New Ministries called and Old Ministries reestablished, Youth Choir and Youth Bible reestablished. Church Mission and Call to Worship developed by Education Leadership Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, and Monthly Conferences held. Keyboard purchased, office furnished and equipped. Foyer redecorated. Ashley House Ministry on Thursdays, Theme: Recommitted, Reunited, and Rebuilding Through Jesus Christ.


2004—2 Baptisms, 4 Christian Experience/Rededication, Inside of Sanctuary redecorated,


2005—2 Baptisms, 7 Christian Experience/Rededication, New carpet and pews, lot purchased on west side of fellowship hall and cleared; adult choir robes purchased, 2006—5 Baptisms, 13 Christian Experience/Rededication, Worship services held on all four Sundays; Praise Team Ministry developed. Men’s Ministry formed,


2007—3 Baptisms, 6 Christian Experience/Rededication, Lot across the street paved and line for parking, Church Trip to Atlanta Aquarium via chartered buses.


2008—5 Baptisms, 5 Christian Experience/Rededication, Room built in foyer for PA System, Minister Dedrick Mathis first sermon preached, First Annual Youth Explosion held, Church trip to the Holy Land in Orlando, FL via chartered buses, Sunday Children’s Church Ministry began, Youth Dance Team formed, Church Newsletter published, house purchased on Lee St. from Bro. Greg Anderson.


2009-Theme: “We don’t know if God will, but we know He can”, 16 Baptisms, 11 Christian experience/rededication. Deacon’s Requirement Bible Study held, First Good Friday Service held, Land at 909 N. Lee Street dedicated. Equipment purchased to make DVD of services, First annual Grandparents Day Luncheon held. Share Jesus Without Fear Bible Study held, Constitution and By-laws committee formed. Family Ministry formed.


2010— 2 baptisms, 10 Christian experience thus far, Emancipation Proclamation Program hosted, Habitat workers fed.